Nova Scotia

Sydney SPCA at maximum capacity

The SPCA in Sydney reached capacity Friday and is having an adoption sale to free up some cages to allow for more homeless pets.

The SPCA in Sydney reached capacity Friday and is having an adoption sale to free up some cages to allow for more homeless pets.

In the meantime, they have been forced to turn new animals away.

"We don't like to tell people to take them back, but we have no choice right now," said Patsy Rose, who manages the Sydney SPCA.

This is one of the busiest years for the shelter. They're housing 45 dogs and more than 100 cats. Every cage is full.

The over-population of cats is one of the biggest strains on shelters. The Nova Scotia SPCA said the overflow of cats is something all Maritime provinces are facing.

"The cat overpopulation issue is at crisis levels. The dilemma is getting worse every year," said Kristin Williams, executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA, in a press release Wednesday.

The SPCA said the problem stems from a surplus of stray, feral and free-roaming unfixed cats. Neglect, abuse and animal hoarding are among other contributing factors.

"Unfortunately animal welfare organizations that are donor driven are the only ones addressing the needs of cats. Cats need advocates and they need help," Williams said.

Spaying and neutering animals is the best long-term solution, according to the SPCA.

Rose said she hopes the half-price sale in Sydney will also alleviate some of the pressure.

"The regular price for a dog is $160.00 and a cat is $120.00, so now the cats are going to be $65.00 and the dogs $85.00," said Rose.

The price includes a share of the cost of spay and neutering and other veterinarian services.

The SPCA said identification tags, fostering animals, and donating to shelters are others ways people can help.