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Busy Sydney-area road should have first of 3 roundabouts this fall

Work on the first of three roundabouts being built on a busy Sydney-area road has begun.

Estimated cost for first roundabout is $3.3M

Sheldon Marinelli, president of Northern Contracting, is shown with Gary MacQueen, site inspector, and Alex Small, project engineer with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. (Brittany Wentzell/CBC)

A stretch of road about a kilometre long just outside of Sydney will soon be home to its first of three roundabouts.

Kings Road in Sydney River is a main route in and out of Sydney. Many businesses line the roadway and that often leads drivers to cross multiple lanes while turning left into parking lots.

But officials with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal are hopeful the roundabouts will reduce congestion and lead to fewer accidents.

"We hope to control the traffic in a smoother fashion," said Alex Small, a project engineer who is tasked with managing the first roundabout.

A rendering shows the plans for the first roundabout. (Submitted by Transportation Infrastructure Renewal)

Construction began recently on the first roundabout near the Breton Ability Centre and Highway 125.

Traffic hasn't been disrupted so far, but that is expected to change within the next week or so. Small said a detour may be necessary in the coming days.

The first roundabout is expected to be finished by Nov. 15. It will include a concrete barrier separating the lanes.

"You'll see a little bit of it in this section, probably about 20 to 30 metres," said Small, adding the barrier will continue to be connected in the next phase.

All three roundabouts on Kings Road are depicted. (Submitted by Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal)

The next phase is set for 2021. It will tackle the largest intersection — Keltic Drive and Kings Road.

That roundabout is still in the design phase. Phase 3, which includes the Kenwood Drive intersection, is scheduled to begin in 2022. 

The first roundabout is being constructed by Northern Contracting Limited, a company based in Cape Breton.

The estimated cost for the first roundabout is $3.3 million. The next tender will become available next year. 


Brittany Wentzell

Current Affairs Reporter/Editor

Brittany Wentzell is based in Sydney, N.S., as a reporter for Information Morning Cape Breton. She has covered a wide range of issues including education, forestry and municipal government. Story ideas? Send them to


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