Nova Scotia

Sydney restaurant feeds the hungry on Thanksgiving

Amedeo's Italian Bistro helped out this Thanksgiving by offering a free meal to 150 people, soup kitchens in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality expected to feed about 200 people this past holiday weekend.

150 people served free food at local restaurant

Soup kitchens in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality expected to feed about 200 people over the Thanksgiving weekend and they got some help from Amedeo's Italian Bistro, which offered a free meal to 150 people.

"Everybody knows it gets harder and harder to get by and everything's so expensive so it's important to do these things for people who don't have a place to go or don't have a family here with them in Cape Breton," said Ross Hunter, manager of Amedeo's.

Hunter said some of his suppliers donated the food while staff volunteered their time to prepare and serve it.

Sydney's Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen expected a big crowd for Thanksgiving.

"We wanted to make it a special day for them," said John Bond chair of Loaves and Fishes.

"Our tables look lovely with flowers on them and chairs all around so that the guests can be seated and we're so delighted to have the opportunity to have so many volunteers that we can serve people today."

Melvin Sangster, co-ordinator of the community outreach centre Harvest House, said the need for soup kitchens continues to grow.

"I believe the need is worse than ever because of our economy because everything seems to be on a downward slant and it seems like it hasn't quite bottomed out yet and I believe we're going to see numbers grow and grow fast," said Sangster.

One soup kitchen was noticeably absent this Thanksgiving, Ma' Meals in New Waterford shut down Sept. 26 because of financial problems.

In the meantime Amedeo's Italian Bistro will continue to try and help those in need and said it will offer free meals again around Christmas time.