Cape Breton woman struck by car has broken neck but is recovering

A Cape Breton woman has a broken neck and 16 stitches in her forehead, but she's lucky to be alive after police say she was pinned to a house by a car Thursday morning in Sydney.

24-year-old charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm, failure to remain at the scene

Angelique Swann, 36, was struck by a car in Sydney, N.S., on Thursday. She suffered a broken neck and her husband says she remembers little of the accident. (Angelique Swann/Facebook)

Angelique Swann has a broken neck, 16 stitches in her forehead and some bruises, but she's lucky to be alive after police say she was pinned to a house by a car Thursday morning in Sydney. 

Swann's husband, Jason MacLean, said his wife remembers little of what happened while she was waiting for the school bus just before 8:30 a.m. with the family dog and the couple's five-year-old daughter Stella.

He said Swann, 36, recalls a car coming down St. Peter's Road when it started to lose control, and she remembers flying through the air after she was hit.

Swann was taken to hospital with serious injuries after she was pinned to a home in Sydney. (Gary Mansfield/CBC)

MacLean was at work when a neighbour called to tell him what happened. Witnesses told him that as the car approached, Swann pushed the little girl out of the way at the last second.

"She doesn't remember doing it," he told the CBC's Mainstreet. "Because Stella's always with her, always holding her hand, it certainly makes sense to me. So in my mind and a lot of other people's minds, she's a hero for doing what she did, saving my little girl."

'Emotional roller-coaster'

Swann was taken to Cape Breton Regional Hospital, where she's still being treated.

The family dog was killed in the crash.
Angelique Swann is shown with her children: five-year-old Stella and 11-year-old Manny. (Angelique Swann/Facebook)

In addition to the broken neck, stitches and bruises, Swann also fractured her collarbone and a rib.

"It was an emotional roller-coaster since yesterday morning," said MacLean.

"I just finished speaking with the doctor. He expressed how lucky she is to still be able to be walking with that particular type of injury."

MacLean said Stella is resilient and is doing well. The couple's 11-year-old son Manny didn't see the crash but heard the emergency vehicles. He said the boy was really attached to the dog and is upset by everything that's happened. 

Swann will require a neck brace for at least eight weeks and has an appointment with a surgeon next week to assess things, but she doesn't seem to have lost any mobility, said MacLean.

"Knock on wood and thank God it turned out that way."

Police have charged a 24-year-old Sydney man. (Gary Mansfield/CBC)

"I just want to thank everybody for their support. My phone's been going non-stop with people looking to help and donations and offers of support and prayers."

A 24-year-old man is facing charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failure to remain at the scene of an accident.

The accused was scheduled to appear in Sydney provincial court today.

With Files from CBC Radio's Mainstreet