Nova Scotia

'Sweet 16' lottery winners from Truro collect $1M

A group of retirement home employees now have something special that could help them plan for their own retirement. The so-called 'Sweet 16' are the winners of a $1 million lottery ticket.

Retirement home employees get a special Christmas bonus

Some of the 'Sweet 16' lottery winners enjoy their big pay day. (CBC)

A group of retirement home employees now have something extra special to help them plan for their own retirement. The so-called "Sweet 16" are the owners of a $1 million lottery ticket. 

The group are employees of Edinburgh Hall at Parkland Estates retirement home in Truro.

Shelley Brown saw online that the winning ticket last weekend was in Truro, but never imagined it was hers.

"And the phone behind me rang and it was my co-worker Wanda. It was just shocking. I went to tears right away."

Twilla Baillie found out when another winner approached her at work. "She said, I think you need to sit down, and I thought 'Uh oh, this is not good.'"

But the news was beyond her wildest dreams. Baillie started screaming with joy.

$62K each

Tara MacPherson heard the ruckus at the retirement home and went down the hall to investigate.

"She said, 'We won the million!' I didn't believe her," said MacPherson, who turned 29 Friday as she picked up her cheque. She said it was the most memorable birthday ever.

The group were advised by Atlantic Lotto to keep a low profile until their winning ticket was verified Wednesday.

Split 16 ways, it means each person received just over $62,000.

MacPherson has a plan for the money.

"First off. I've got student loans to pay off, they'll be gone and after that I just don't know."

"It's going to be a different Christmas," said Brown of her plans to spend. "Extra special gifts under the tree for sure!"

As for Baillie, her share of the winnings will make a big difference in her life. 

"I drive an old RCMP ex-squad car and it costs me huge money in gas. So a new car and all of my debt paid off!"

The ticket was the fourth $1 million dollar winning ticket in Atlantic Canada in the last six weeks. The store owners who sold it will also receive $10,000.