Nova Scotia

Swearing bus driver reaches settlement deal

A Halifax school bus driver who swore at students has her firing rescinded, as she accepts a settlement and resigns.
Heather Vidito was fired after swearing as she broke up a fight. (CBC)

A Halifax school bus driver who was fired after a profanity-laced exchange with students has accepted a settlement deal.

Heather Vidito's termination was rescinded and removed from her record. She has accepted a financial settlement and resigned, her union told CBC News.

"It was Heather's decision to take the financial settlement, so she's quite OK with it. It wasn't a disappointment to us not to get her job back because this was an agreement that she had agreed to," said Joan Jessome, president of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union.

The details of the settlement are confidential.

Vidito was caught on video repeatedly swearing as she tried to stop students from fighting on her bus. The video was posted to YouTube.

Stock Transportation fired her, saying she violated company policies and procedures.

The NSGEU filed a formal grievance and vowed to fight for her job back. It argued that firing Vidito was too severe.

Stock Transportation says the grievance was dealt with in a professional manner.

Manager Troy Phinney said the company has policies and procedures to protect both their drivers and students, and all drivers are expected to adhere to those rules.