Nova Scotia

Storms cause trouble in Maritimes

Stormy weather is causing power outages and delays in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Stormy weather is causing power outages in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and disrupted traffic on the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island for most of Sunday afternoon.

Confederation Bridge is now open to all traffic.

About 880 New Brunswick homes have been without power, some since late Sunday morning. Most of the outages are in Sussex, but customers in St. Stephen, Grand Falls and Woodstock are also affected.

Windy weather is taking a toll on Nova Scotia Power customers as well. About 1,050 households in the River Bourgeois and Southeast Cape Breton areas lost power.

"Most of those [outages] are located in coastal areas," said Stacey Pineau of Nova Scotia Power. "The latest time we have for restoration is right now 4:30 p.m. with some of the outages we expect to have restored before then."

In New Brunswick, showers are expected to end Sunday evening, with flurries possibly developing overnight. There may be thundershowers in some southwestern regions, according to the forecast.

In Nova Scotia, rain should end Sunday evening — staying windy — with a chance of showers overnight. A wind warning continues into the evening for Cape Breton, with the potentially hazardous winds known as les suetes gusting up to 130 km/h in Inverness County.

On Prince Edward Island, rain should end in the evening, with a chance of showers and wind overnight.