Nova Scotia

Stolen car from Langley, B.C., found in Bridgewater, N.S.

Police noticed a 2004 two-door Honda Civic with B.C. plates in the town around 5 a.m. on Sunday. They ran the plates and found out it had been reported stolen in Langley, B.C.

2004 two-door Honda Civic in 'very good condition' despite 6,000 km trek, police say

As the officers with the Bridgewater Police Service were on a routine patrol around the south shore Nova Scotia town on Sunday morning, they noticed a car parked with B.C. plates.

After running the plates of the 2004 two-door Honda Civic through the database, it showed up as a stolen vehicle.

"I've been here, this will be my 19th year, and I believe it's the first recovered stolen vehicle from B.C. — that I know of — to have driven all the way across the country and be recovered in Bridgewater. It's quite unusual," said Sgt. Trevor Mitchell.

The car had been stolen from Langley B.C., approximately 5,926 kilometres away.

After it was found, police towed it to the station.

Mitchell said the Bridgewater Police Service has been in touch with RCMP and the vehicle's owner.

She was appreciative, he said, but said she doesn't feel she can make the trip all the way to Nova Scotia to pick up the car.

He said the plan is to touch base with her insurance company to determine next steps.

All things considered, Mitchell said the Civic — which only had some minor damage to the front of its bumper — is in "very good condition."

Mitchell said police have an idea of who might be behind the theft and charges are pending.

With files from Melissa Friedman