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South of Heaven, action film made by Yarmouth's Lyle Goodwin, now online

A Yarmouth filmmaker is seeing the fruits of eight years of labour with the release of his first feature-length film, South of Heaven.

Film is available for streaming or purchase

Lyle Goodwin, the actor and director behind South of Heaven, is shown in an interrogation scene from the film. (Submitted by Lyle Goodwin)

A Yarmouth filmmaker is seeing the fruits of eight years of labour with the release of his first feature-length film, South of Heaven.

"It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make," said Lyle Goodwin.

Goodwin wrote, directed and acted in the film. It's a sci-fi action story about a former special ops soldier framed for an assassination and sentenced to death.

With a cast of about a half-dozen people, Goodwin spent a total of $5,000 making the project, which sometimes filmed as little as one scene a month, depending on the schedules of the cast of volunteers. However, Goodwin said he worked on the film everyday.

The other people who worked on the film were Paul Surette, Marc Durkee, James Turpin, Kerry Winship and Christian

For their efforts, they received a copy of the film, the script, a poster and an on-screen credit. Goodwin hopes to be able to pay them some money, but they have expressed an interest in using any profits earned to be put toward another film.

'Everybody has to start somewhere'

Goodwin said he first became interested in films at the age of 14 when a friend who had a video camera called him and said they were going to make their own version of Halloween II, a horror classic. From there, he was hooked and he's since made about 250 short films.

"The majority of them were absolutely terrible, but everybody has to start somewhere," said Goodwin.

WARNING: This trailer contains some scenes with violence.

Goodwin said that he originally started shooting parts of South of Heaven so that he could send some audition clips to a low-budget action and horror film producer, but eventually decided to make his own film.

The nearly two-hour long film is available online for streaming or purchase. Streaming the film costs $2, while the cost to purchase a deluxe version of the film is $9.99.

Goodwin said that so far, about 1,000 people have either purchased the film from the site or in person from him where he's put the film on a thumb drive.

The decision to distribute the film online has to do with cutting out the middleman from the process and taking advantage of the vast market potential that exists.

"I can reach a million people with the push of a button," said Goodwin.

The film itself was shot in and around the Yarmouth area. People familiar with the town will be able to recognize the town.

The next project

Goodwin hopes to use this film as a catalyst for his next project, a horror film called Nightmares.

For now, he's going to keep promoting South of Heaven and working at his day job at Canadian Tire in Yarmouth.

At the moment, there aren't any screenings planned for the film, but he's proud of the finished product.

"I'm happy to see that it's sprouting some wings and starting to get a little bit of growth. I hope it continues on to have a long life and I really thank our fans of this and the people that love these type of films for the opportunity. It's a very special thing," said Goodwin.


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