Nova Scotia

Some HRM bread loaves smaller in size, same in price

The size of some bread loafs in HRM have gotten smaller, but prices have remained the same.

The size of some bread loaves in Nova Scotia have gotten smaller, but prices have remained the same.

Ben's Bakery loaves now weigh 70 grams less than they did a few weeks ago.

The company said there's about one less slice of bread per loaf, but the price is unchanged.

However, the bread label says two slices is equal to 63 grams, which suggests consumers are losing more than two slices per loaf.

Officials with Ben's Bakery told CBC News that the rising cost of flour and wheat meant the loaves had to be made smaller to keep the price down.

Small bakeries like Smith's Bakery and Café in Halifax say it's a good time to stop buying bread from the supermarket.

"This is one of the reasons people need go back and think about where they are buying their goods from," said baker Frank Evans.

They too have been affected by soaring costs, but since they bake and sell directly to customers, they can keep prices down.

Evans also said there's another reason small bakeries deserve the business.

"When you buy bread at the grocery store it is not fresh bread. It's at least two or three days old," said Evans.