Nova Scotia

Some Fall River residents worry condos will affect lake

While the people behind the proposed condo development along Lake Thomas in Fall River, N.S. say it comes with a top of the line sewage treatment system, some residents are concerned about the possible impact on the lake.

Lake Thomas provides inn with drinking water

Some residents in Fall River, N.S. are concerned a proposed a lakefront condo development will impact their source of drinking water, but the developers behind the project say it comes with a leading sewage treatment system.

The proposal heads to a municipal committee for review Wednesday night.

The Inn on the Lake is a hotel complex on Lake Thomas. Its owner wants to add a six story, 75-unit condo building to the site.

The inn already uses Lake Thomas for its drinking water and has a sewage treatment plant.

Nathan Rogers, a consultant working on the project, said the expansion plan includes an upgraded septic system called a Membrane Bio-Reactor. 

"I've heard some engineers [say] the water [that] comes out this MBR system can be cleaner than the lake water itself," he said.

The proposed spot for a gas bar and drive-thru. (CBC)

Rogers said in case of problems it will have alarms, a back up generator and a full time operator.

"This is intended to be operated under a condominium or management company so there will be an operator who's dedicated to making sure the plant is working at full capacity."

The Halifax Watershed Advisory Committee will review the system as part of the municipality's approval process, but the development will also need a provincial permit.

In August some residents also expressed concern over plans for a new gas station located on the same lake.

They said they're worried about the environmental and traffic impacts it could pose.

According to the Halifax Regional Municipality zoning bylaws, the developers are within their rights to build.