Nova Scotia

Soccer coach guilty of sex crimes at risk to reoffend

A Crown prosecutor is arguing a 39-year-old man — who court heard told a teenage girl God wanted her to perform a wide range of sexual acts — should serve eight years in prison.

WARNING: This story contains disturbing details

A Crown prosecutor is arguing a 39-year-old man — who court heard told a teenage girl God wanted her to perform a wide range of sexual acts — should serve eight years in prison.

Stan Lowther, a father of four and a former soccer coach, pleaded guilty in June to sexually assaulting a girl for six years.

Lowther listened with the rest of the court on Wednesday as the now 19-year-old woman detailed the abuse that started when she was just 12 years old.

The victim said Lowther took advantage of her religious upbringing by telling her God wanted her to give him a blow job to prevent the spread of a skin problem.

She told the court there were "hundred of rapes" including being forced to perform oral and anal sex on a person in a position of trust.

The victim said it's not over for her yet.

"I have nightmares about what Stan did to me," read her victim impact statement. "I view beds as a place of extreme pain."

"When I look in a mirror, I see Stan behind me, hurting me."

Lowther wept in court as the young woman delivered her victim impact statement.

'Living in fear'

The defence is asking for a two-year prison term followed by probation.

Peter Planetta, Lowther's lawyer, told the court his client has been making progress in therapy and has accepted responsibility for his crimes.

A report from a clinical psychologist paints a different picture.

Dr. Angela Connors, a sex offender expert, said Lowther is at a moderate risk to reoffend because of the frequency of the attacks and his manipulative personality.

Crown prosecutor Rick Woodburn convinced Justice Arthur Leblanc to send Lowther to jail until he can be sentenced.

"After a long stressful day, the Crown realized after reading psychological reports that suicide is an issue here for Mr. Lowther. We didn't want him out after dealing with everything he dealt with today," Woodburn said.

"Also the victim is terrified, to say the very least. She has been living in fear for the longest time and tonight she gets to go home and sleep."

Leblanc will deliver his sentence on Jan. 28.