Nova Scotia

Dartmouth snowplow shot at by pellet gun, police say

A municipal tractor with a snow plow is believed to have been shot at by a pellet gun early Friday morning, Halifax police say.

The driver also saw two men run away from him while salting a pathway, police say

Police believe a tractor was hit by a pellet gun in Dartmouth while plowing snow and salting sidewalks. (CBC)

A municipal snow plowing tractor is believed to have been hit by a pellet gun early Friday morning, Halifax police say. 

The driver was clearing sidewalks on Primrose Street in Dartmouth when he noticed small indents on his window, Staff Sgt. Greg Mason said.

"He didn't realize it was hit originally because of the noise of the tractor," Mason said. 

"They did not break through the windows, which leads us to believe it was not a high powered firearm."

This is the first time Mason said he's heard of a municipal snow plow being shot at. He said there have been occasions when someone's fired pellet guns to vandalize bus shelters.

Odd salting encounter

Earlier Friday morning around 2:20 a.m., the driver had another odd experience. While salting the pathway between Albro Lake Road and Farrell Street near Farrell Hall, the driver saw two men dressed all in black walking towards him, Mason said. 

When they came within three metres or so, they stopped, huddled together and ran away from the driver.

"We believe there could be a connection based solely on the time of day and the suspicious nature in which they ran away from the sidewalk plow all at the same time," Mason said. 

Police are seeking these two men, who are only described as dressed all in black. Police with a K-9 unit were unable to find them Friday morning, which Mason attributed to the length of time between both incidents. 

The snowplow driver saw two men run away from him on a pathway off Albro Lake Road in Dartmouth, police say. (Google Maps)


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