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Snoop Dogg films rap rescue with Bubbles of Trailer Park Boys

Snoop Dogg is throwing down in a rap duo with Bubbles of the Trailer Park Boys in Bible Hill, N.S., on Thursday.

Rapper and cat lover reveal they are actually cousins - at least in the Sunnyvale universe

Snoop Dogg films rap rescue with TPB

8 years ago
Duration 2:22
"This is one of the greatest shows ever created," says Snoop.

Snoop Dogg is throwing down in a rap duo with Bubbles of the Trailer Park Boys in Bible Hill, N.S., on Thursday.

Snoop Dogg with his 'cousin' Bubbles on set Thursday. (CBC)

While Bubbles (aka actor Mike Smith) is best known for dropping rhymes about cats, and Snoop about gin and juice, the two apparently found enough common ground to collaborate during filming for an upcoming season of the TV show.

In fact, in the fictional world of the Trailer Park Boys, the two are cousins. 

"I'm having fun," Snoop Dogg said. "This is one of the greatest shows ever created. It's full of fun. It fits me to a T."

The rapper has been in town for a few days and said he's enjoying Bible Hill and nearby Truro.

"Oh I love it, every moment," he said.

He shared a photo of himself reading the script

Despite being family, Bubbles seemed a little star-struck.

"I might be throwing down with Snoop Dogg tonight. Don't want to brag or anything," he said, staying in character.

"It's just unbelievable. Nothing like this ever happens in Sunnyvale. Tom Arnold, Doug Benson, Jimmy Kimmel is going to be on. It's crazy."

Yup: for its tenth season, Trailer Park Boys has booked special guest appearances from actor Tom Arnold, comic Doug Benson and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Fans of the show and the rap legend turned up hoping to catch a glimpse. Ben Baker decked himself out head-to-toe in a marijuana-inspired outfit.

"I'm seeing Snoop Dogg. I've got to look the part," he said.

Tom Arnold a 'super fan' of the show

CBC couldn't film the actual shoot, lest we let loose the plot, but we can tell you Snoop Dogg's scene involves drugs, alcohol, and a bar. They're shooting in a Legion hall tonight.

Dozens of people gathered along the street watching the action on set, a few even setting up lawn chairs outside Snoop's trailer. 

Arnold, who once acted on the 1990s sitcom Roseanne, said it was a big day for him.

"I'm a super fan of this show. I've been a fan for ten years. People like Jimmy Kimmel watch the show. Snoop is a super fan too. He's a friend of mine. To meet here in Sunnyvale," he said.

"Honestly I've been in 130 movies and this is one of the biggest things I've ever done. For sure. Maybe the best thing I've ever done." 

Arnold posted a short video of the cars used in the scene, and caught Snoop Dogg emerging in a cloud of smoke from one of the vehicles. 


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