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Skyline trail reopens after closing due to aggressive moose

The popular Cape Breton trail closed on Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend after aggressive moose behaviour was reported.

Popular Cape Breton trail closed last weekend

Under the Wula Na Kinu (This Is Who We Are) process, harvester cards are issued to those with an ancestral connection to a recognized Mi'kmaq family name, and who are accepted by the Mi'kmaq Nation. (Submitted by Jason Dain)

The Skyline trail at Cape Breton Highlands National Park has reopened.

The trail has been closed since last Sunday due to "aggressive moose behaviour."

Parks Canada did not elaborate on exactly how the moose were being belligerent. But the department's website says moose have been known to charge people or their vehicles and can attack with their hoofs.

Bull moose can be aggressive during mating season from mid-September to the end of December, Parks Canada says.

Signs of aggressive moose include charging, foot stomping, head swaying, mouth smacking and licking, as well as having their ears pinned back and hair on their neck raised.

Parks Canada advises keeping at least 30 metres or three bus lengths away, and if you encounter a moose on a trail, wait for the moose to leave or take a wide detour and always keep a tree or large obstacle between you and the moose.

If a moose charges, visitors should get behind a barrier like a tree or rock. If you get knocked down by a moose, curl into a ball and protect your head and neck.

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