Nova Scotia

Shooting victim wearing body armour

22-year-old Nathan Cross was shot to death in North Preston on Sunday.
22-year-old Nathan Cross died Sunday after being shot in North Preston. He was wearing body armour at the time of the shooting. ((Facebook))

RCMP have released the name of the man shot to death in North Preston on Sunday.

Nathan Cross, 22, was wearing body armor at the time of Sunday's shooting.

Cross died in an ambulance on the way to hospital.

Halifax District RCMP said someone reported a shooting on Churchill Terrace just before 6:30 p.m.

People who live in the area say the shooting started in front of the firehall and that Cross ran from the scene to nearby Churchill Terrace where he collapsed on a lawn.

The shooting happened in the street. Police evidence markers dotted the road Monday as the investigation continued.

Cpl. Scott MacRae said investigators don't believe the shooting was random.

No one had been arrested as of Monday morning.

"Certainly we'll be in the community for the better part of the day," MacRae said.

Churchill Terrace is a small lane off Cain Street, less than a block away from Nelson Whynder Elementary School.

It's the second shooting death in the Halifax area in two weeks. Four other people have been injured in gun violence during that time.

"With incidents and shootings and stabbings we've had lately, we're going to look at all aspects to hopefully bring forth what they call a crime reduction strategy put the proper resources in place so we can actively try to get some resolution to these violent crimes," said MacRae.

RCMP said Cross's body armour makes it clear to them that he was involved with the gun culture in the area.

RCMP said it may also be why investigators are having a tough time finding witnesses despite the fact the shooting happened outside on a warm evening with plenty of people around.

"Obviously people might have fear of retaliation — they may know more but are just worried about the impact on their family and that is a genuine concern," said MacRae. "So that's why there is other methods for information to come forth in an anonymous manner or other ways to put it forth so police can use that information."

Anyone with information is asked to contact RCMP or Crime Stoppers.