Nova Scotia

Shelter Nova Scotia sets up registry for needed supplies

Shelter Nova Scotia is making changes to the way it accepts donations. It is urging donors to give cash donations via its webpage rather than try to guess what supplies are needed.

The organization says it has a surplus of some items and not enough of others

Jayme Lynn Butt has created a donation page for Shelter Nova Scotia so donors can see what the organization actually needs. (CBC)

Shelter Nova Scotia is making changes to the way it accepts donations from the public.

Donors are being asked to visit the organization's website and make cash donations instead of dropping off supplies to an already crowded storage space.

Jayme Lynn Butt, a spokesperson for Shelter Nova Scotia, said well-intentioned donors aren't always in tune with what the shelters need.

"We have toothpaste to last us for the next four years," said Butt. "We don't need any more."

To alleviate the problem, Butt set up an online donation page that operates on the same principle as a wedding registry.

Visitors to the website are given a list of items that are needed most — items like "gift cards, underwear, bath towels, socks, fitted sheets, hair products," said Butt.

Butt said the shelter has received enough toothpaste to last 4 years. (CBC)

Once an item is chosen, the donor can pay online and the item will be delivered where it is needed. 

Butt said the website has already collected more than $500 worth of items since it was launched in the last few days.


With files from Preston Mulligan