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Shannon Park plans offer 3 distinct community shapes

The rebuilt community could face inward, coastward, or centre around main street.

Designs for the rebuild all focus on walkable, friendly places — but the centre changes

The three potential plans for Shannon Park would see it face the harbour, face inward, or anchor itself along a main street. 

Here are the three visions:

Grand Boulevard Concept

Grand Boulevard Concept. (Courtesy Canada Lands)

Grand Boulevard would build a main artery — the Grand Boulevard — to connect the school site to the waterfront. 

The boulevard would be the focus of the community and the main gathering space. Strolling down the boulevard, you'd go past a mixture of shops and homes. 

It would get people quickly from north to south and offers good views. The boulevard would be the centre of a walkable community. 

Harbour Vista Concept

Harbour Vista Concept. (Courtesy Canada Lands)

The Harbour Vista plan designs the community around the coastline. The wide vista, accentuating by the road layout, would focus on integrating community and public open space through a grid system. 

It would be a walkable community with different precincts, possibly including a commercial area near Windmill Road.

This plan most directly connects the community to Halifax Harbour. 

Central Square Concept

Central Square Concept. (Courtesy Canada Lands)

The Central Square plans would build a compact, integrated community looking inward on the public parks and plazas. 

It would offer community spaces year-round in a more comfortable environment than the open coast at winter. 

The Central Square could house skating areas in the winter and other recreational activities in the summer.

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