Nova Scotia

School still experiencing air quality issues

The air quality trouble persists at Shannon Park Elementary school in Dartmouth.

The air quality trouble persists at an elementary school in Dartmouth.

The roof at Shannon Park Elementary began leaking in early February after heavy rain caused serious water damage to one of the classrooms.

Ceiling tiles were soaked, the water ran into the walls and floor tiles were ripped up.

The room was eventually shut down. The holes in the roof have been repaired, but it's still leaking.

"Generally speaking it is an aged roof and we will continue to see leaks and we have been continuing to see small leaks in other areas as well," said Ron Heiman, coordinator of operations services for the Halifax Regional School Board.

"We have water that has entered in through the wall in the storage room through an exterior wall and so it's impacted the Gyprock in the wall there and the plaster there so it's a matter of removing those damaged materials and re-instating the finishes in the room."

The school was built in 1952. There is also asbestos in the school. Recent tests conclude it's undisturbed and poses no threat.

Parents not happy

Some parents say it's time to shut the school down.

"Really I think there needs to be a new school.  The French immersion program is huge in Dartmouth and people don't realize that all the French immersion kids in Dartmouth come to this school. It's one of the only schools that's full in Dartmouth and they really need a better location for such an excellent program," said parent Sara Francis.

Another parent said she wasn't impressed. "My son had asthma when he was younger so there's kind of a concern that I don't want him coming home with colds and everything else that has been floating around," said Amber Rykbost.

According to the school board while there are some higher than acceptable levels of mould in two rooms — a storage room next to the gym and the boiler room — the school is safe.

That's not good enough for some parents. The board has confirmed that two children still have not returned to the school.

The teacher from the closed classroom contacted CBC News Friday morning to say she has exercised her right not to work at Shannon Park Elementary.