Ryan Patrick Nolan, former teacher, sentenced for sex crimes

A former teacher with the Halifax Regional School Board was sentenced Friday for sex offences involving two boys he tutored who were both under 16.

33-year-old previously pleaded guilty to charges of sexual assault and exposing himself

A former teacher with the Halifax Regional School Board was sentenced Friday for sex offences involving two boys he tutored who were both under 16.

Ryan Patrick Nolan, 33, was sentenced to nine months of house arrest, followed by three months of curfew and then a year of probation for sexual assault and exposing himself.

The sentence was a joint recommendation of the Crown and the defence.

Nolan must also submit a DNA sample and will be added to the National Sex Offender Registry for life. He's also prohibited from working or volunteering in a position of trust with anyone under 16 for the next 10 years.

Nolan previously pleaded guilty to the charges. Both cases involve young boys under 16 who Nolan tutored at his apartment after school hours while he worked as a substitute teacher between 2008 and 2011.

He also coached the boys hockey team at Bedford Junior High School and did some coaching for the Bedford and District Minor Hockey Association.

The father of one of the victims called the sentence a joke.

“He’s affected the lives of children and ruined them, possibly for the rest of their life and he got off scot-free with just house arrest. He should have went to jail,” said the father.

Nolan introduced that man’s 14-year-old son to cocaine and ecstasy.

“We have no idea how he’s going to become a productive member of society. He deals with drugs and depression, can’t hold a job, can’t stay in school. I don’t know what the future will hold,” he said.

Other charges against Nolan were dropped, including a charge of internet luring involving a third boy. The mother of that boy spoke with CBC News.

“I can’t believe that a person who has affected that many lives is going to be walking on our streets. He basically got a slap on the wrist and I find that very disturbing,” she said.

There was also a charge of invitation to sexual touching involving a fourth boy, but that charge was dropped.

Since the offences occurred, the laws have changed. There is now a mandatory minimum jail sentence for anyone convicted of sexually assaulting a child under 16.