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'Enough is enough': N.S. Tattoo fights back against ticket resellers

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is eliminating the print-at-home option in order to limit the number of tickets snapped up by resellers.

Tattoo is eliminating the print-at-home option in order to limit tickets bought by resellers

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo parade makes its way through downtown Halifax. Tattoo organizers are cracking down on ticket resellers this year. (Courtesy Darrell Oake)

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is trying to crack down on ticket-reselling companies.

The organization is eliminating the print-at-home option for ticket purchasers in the hopes that the step will limit the number of tickets that end up in the hands of third-party resellers.

"We're going to fight back old school," said Scott Long, the Tattoo's managing director.

"We're getting more and more phone calls and Facebook messages every day about potential ticket buyers' frustrations with third-party ticket resellers. It is becoming overwhelming. Enough is enough."

Long said the number of complaints the Tattoo has dealt with this year may only be "the tip of the iceberg."

The organization said some resellers overcharge for tickets, sell "covertly" in U.S. currency, cancel ticket purchases and say shows are sold out when they are not.

Reselling companies rely on emailed, print-at-home tickets so they can easily distribute them to purchasers.

Now, instead of having tickets emailed to them, purchasers will either receive them by mail or pick them up at the box office.

"We understand that removing the print-at-home option may be an inconvenience for those who prefer emailed tickets, but we feel it is the best option to fight back," Long said.

The authorized vendor for the Tattoo is Ticket Atlantic. Long cautioned those who are purchasing tickets online to ensure they are on the Ticket Atlantic website when buying tickets.

Those who have already purchased print-at-home tickets will be able to use them at the event.


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