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Robie St. Station creates the 'doughnairnut'

What started out as a joke—the doughnairnut, which is half donair and half donut, will be a menu item for Saturday and Sunday only at Robie St. Station.

The doughnairnut is half doughnut, half donair

The doughnairnut started out as a joke, but it will now be a real menu item at Robie St. Station in Halifax this weekend.

A prototype was made Tuesday morning using a yeast doughnut and donair meat and sauce from neighbouring restaurant, Tony's Donair.

"It was actually a joke." said Kayleigh Burns, owner of Robie St. Station, over the phone.

"Last weekend, we did a doughnut that sounded a lot like a samosa doughnut and someone was confused by it and I had to explain what it was and then I was like, well I'll add that to the books and maybe I'll do a donair doughnut while I'm at it."

Burns said as soon as she mentioned the idea of a donair doughnut, she was immediately encouraged to make one.

 "Everybody kind of raised their eyebrows and got all hot and bothered, so I went with it."

The doughnairnut is a yeast doughnut glazed with donair sauce. It has donair meat flaked on top with diced tomato and onion and more donair sauce. A photo of the  prototype has been making the rounds on social media.

Burns said Tony's Donair collaborated to make the doughnut possible. She said it took 24 hours to make the final product, but adds it was delicious.

"Donair sauce is already has sweet components, it actually manages to make a really nice combination of sweet and savoury."

The doughnairnut will be sold at Robie Street Station 9AM Saturday morning at $4 per doughnut. Burns said it will only be available this weekend for now.

"I think people will shine to it, they really like donairs in Halifax so I can't see why they wouldn't like a donair doughnut." 


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