Nova Scotia

Rising gas prices worry Nova Scotians

Many Nova Scotians are worried about the price of gas as Montreal drivers were hit with a 14-cent jump in the price of gas Tuesday.

Many Nova Scotians may be even more worried about gas prices after Montreal drivers were hit with a 14-cent jump in the price of gas Tuesday.

Even at the current price of about $1.365 per litre, some people in Nova Scotia say they are already having to dig deep to fill the tank.

"It's already jumped. I had to pay for gas with a roll of quarters, so pretty much it's going to go up no matter what," said Victoria Hiltz.

"I guess everybody's worried about it but there's not much we can do about it," said Josh Brackett.

The province could and should cushion the blow, according to MLA Andrew Younger.

"First of all the government needs to take the tax on tax off gasoline," said Younger. "That would obviously reduce the price of gasoline. And the other thing they should do is get rid of regulation because regulation is costing us an extra penny on every litre of gasoline."

Finance Minister Graham Steele said it's out of government hands.

"We know prices are high. We know it's hard on the pocketbook but it's being driven by factors outside Nova Scotia so if the government's not causing the increase, how can the government provide the solution?" Steele said.

The high cost of gas also hurts businesses because supplies often come from other parts of the world and shipping costs have to be absorbed or passed on to customers.

"I'm very concerned at the moment," said Susan MacIntosh of Props Floral Design in Halifax.

"We've been looking over our costs, last year it was 20 per cent of our purchases for shipping and this year already it's up to 25 per cent," she said.

CBC News predicts gas will go down one cent per litre Thursday at midnight.