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Inside the secret, million-dollar world of baby eel trafficking

An undercover investigation by Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans into a $1.3-million poaching case is uncovering a little-known but enormously lucrative fishery with a global reach.

Whale carcass washes up on popular Nova Scotia beach

The Marine Animal Response Society was notified Wednesday about a dead minke whale lodged on rocks at the south end of Queensland Beach near Hubbards, N.S.
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Halfway houses across Canada refused to take this high-risk offender — except 1

Convicted sex offender Chris Watts was deemed so high risk that no halfway house in B.C., Ontario or Quebec would take him. So he was flown to Nova Scotia for his release. Documents obtained by CBC News reveal the challenges authorities face dealing with high-risk offenders who've served their time.
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The $3.6M fraud case that seems right out of a Seinfeld episode

The Nova Scotia companies operated by three sisters and their mother had no employees, and in some cases no bank accounts. But they claimed tens of millions of dollars in sales, according to court records — transactions the Canada Revenue Agency says were fake.
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The common pill that's killing in the shadow of the opioid crisis

Benzodiazepines, a group of sedatives that include medications like Valium, Xanax and Ativan, have been prescribed for half a century. But when combined with opioids, the results can be lethal.
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Anxiety pills that promise so much leave behind a hidden 'epidemic'

Addiction experts have long worried about what they view as the widespread misuse and overprescribing of benzodiazepines. With 26 million prescriptions for anxiety pills and related drugs written in Canada in 2017, there's a push to come to grips with a problem that crosses generations.

In the quest for cleaner fuels, a scientist turns to Tim Hortons coffee grounds

Dalhousie University chemical engineer Sophia He is turning coffee grounds into fuel that could power cars. She's part of a broader push to turn everything from kitchen scraps to sawdust into biofuel.

The man behind a huge small-town bank heist wants out of prison

Last month, a 68-year-old Nova Scotia man still behind bars for one of the largest bank-branch heists in Canadian history applied to the court for early release to care for his ailing mother. She has since died.
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Stakeouts and microchipped lobster: Inside DFO's probe of a First Nations fishery

Microchips secretly planted on lobster. Surveillance in the middle of the night. Court documents detail the response to allegations of black market sales linked to Canada's most lucrative lobster grounds. But not everyone thinks the scrutiny is fair.
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$20M Annie Leibovitz collection rejected for 4th time by Canadian tribunal

A federal tribunal has for the fourth time rejected the bulk of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia's enormous Annie Leibovitz collection, raising questions about whether the prints by the famous American photographer will ever be displayed in Halifax.
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From Dollarama to Halifax: The odd journey of 2,000 Annie Leibovitz photos

Court records show another buyer was interested in the Leibovitz collection and that the former CEO of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia knew in 2012 that the donation would be a tax shelter.
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Cultural gem or 'tax grab'? $20M in Annie Leibovitz photos caught in Canadian quandary

Four years ago, a Toronto family donated a collection of photographs worth $20 million to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. To this day it's never been displayed, caught up in a complex quagmire that could mean the works by noted photographer Annie Leibovitz will never hang on the gallery walls.

RCMP feared the 'reaching tentacles' of alleged lobster fraud scheme

Investigators looking into allegations of a multi-million dollar fraud in Nova Scotia’s lobster industry were concerned about the “reaching tentacles” of the scheme, according to a top RCMP officer in Nova Scotia.
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The story behind an alleged fraud worth millions in Nova Scotia's lobster industry

Lobster, once called the 'cockroach of the sea,' is now a billion-dollar industry in Nova Scotia. And RCMP say it's also the centre of an alleged scheme that stole about $2.5 million from four different seafood companies.

New details shed light on how mentally ill man was arrested with gun at N.S. hospital

A man who was arrested last October after entering the hospital in Middleton with a gun had been there earlier that day with other weapons and deemed mentally fit.