Nova Scotia

Report suggests Dartmouth Crossing for new stadium

The stadium advisory committee for Halifax says a new stadium should be built in Dartmouth Crossing.

Halifax is vying to be one of six Canadian cities to host the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2015

The Halifax stadium advisory committee recommended in a report Friday that a new stadium should go ahead, and that its preferred site is on Commodore Drive in Dartmouth Crossing.

The committee's report says that although building it in Shannon Park scored higher on the public's wish list, the Dartmouth Crossing location offers better accessibility, visibility and would have enough space to accommodate the development of more recreational facilities.

However a staff report that will be brought before council Tuesday estimates the stadium will cost between $54.8 million and $71.1 million and it's still not clear who will share the costs with the municipality.

"Council has pretty much decided its not going to do this by itself," said Dartmouth Coun. Jim Smith. "We need funders — federal, provincial, [and] private."

The committee report says the stadium should be suitable for both football and soccer and should have 14,000 permanent seats, with the ability to expand temporary seating to 20,000.

That's the minimum required to host the FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer Event in 2015.

Halifax is one of seven Canadian cities vying to host games when the world cup comes to Canada in 2015. Six cities will be chosen.

The report doesn't say how much a new stadium would cost taxpayers.

The city has already said it would commit $20 million to a stadium, but only if there are other partners to join in.

The report will go before council on Tuesday, and a final decision on the stadium has to be made by the end of the month to make FIFA's deadline.