Nova Scotia

Buyers who spent thousands on sea containers from N.S. company likely scammed, say RCMP

Police say an online company selling shipping containers does not seem to exist.

2 customers from Ontario paid for shipping containers, but the company does not appear to exist

RCMP say the company's website, seen in this screen capture, contains a fictitious civic address in Englishtown, Cape Breton, indicating it is a possible scam. (GCTMM Unlimited Logistics website)

Two Ontario residents who shelled out thousands of dollars for shipping containers they never received from a company purportedly based in Cape Breton appear to be the victims of a scam, say Victoria County RCMP.

Cpl. Chris Marshall said the containers were purchased from a company called GCTMM Unlimited Logistics. The company's website lists a property in Englishtown as its address, but officers visited the site and found nothing there.

The website seems legitimate at first glance, but it also contains spelling and grammatical errors — including detailing the company's "vission" and telling customers how to track their "shippment" — as well as broken links and conflicting hours of operation for the business.

"Those ... things together would certainly lead to the belief that this is not a legitimate company and whoever set this up is essentially attempting to defraud people," said Marshall.

The two customers from Ontario told Victoria County RCMP they bought sea containers online from the company last month, but got nothing in return.

RCMP say the company's website, seen in this screen capture, contains grammatical and spelling errors and links that don't work. (GCTMM Unlimited Logistics website)

One said they spent $5,000 for two containers and the other said they paid $2,500 for one.

Marshall said both have tried unsuccessfully to reach anyone from the supposed company to get their product sent or their money back.

The website for GCTMM Unlimited Logistics, which was still active as of Tuesday, boasts "exceptional customer service" and invites buyers to "come into our world of high-quality shipping containers as we show you around."