Nova Scotia

RCMP charge 7 with possessing proceeds of crime

Seven people, including five family members, face 94 criminal charges in what police allege was a crime ring in Colchester County.

Seven people, including five members of the same family, face 94 criminal charges in what police allege was a crime ring in Colchester County.

RCMP said the charges end a year-long investigation that started with a drug bust.

If the suspects are convicted, authorities could seize more than $1.3 million in assets, said RCMP.

Curtis Blair Lynds and Christopher James Lynds, both of North River, and Jonathan Craig Burgoyne, of Kemptown, were charged last fall with several drug-related offences.

Curtis Lynds now faces 41 charges for possession of proceeds of crime and two charges of money laundering. He also faces the potential forfeiture of a house, 15 vehicles and other assets worth an estimated $550,000.

Christopher Lynds faces 26 counts of possessing proceeds of crime and one for money laundering. He could lose a home, eight vehicles and assets worth about $475,000.

Burgoyne faces 20 possession of proceeds of crime charges, one for money laundering, and the possible seizure of properties, 10 vehicles and other items worth $320,000.

RCMP have also charged North River residents Randy James Lynds, wife Janice Elizabeth Lynds and daughter Jessica Lynn Hamilton with possessing proceeds of crime.

Sherrill Leigh MacKeigan, of Truro, faces a similar charge.

All seven suspects are scheduled to appear in Truro provincial court on Jan. 7.