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Rainbow-striped floating house runs aground on Grand Lake

A floating house came to rest near a residential backyard Sunday.

Boats, floating devices and a picnic table have washed up before, but this is a first

Helen Hines said smaller boats, floating devices and even a picnic table have washed ashore near her home — but said this floating house is the biggest thing to wash up so far. (Submitted by Helen Hines)

A rainbow-coloured floating house was found washed up on the rocks behind a home in Grand Lake, N.S., an area near Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

Helen Hines said her dad came across the house Sunday morning as he checked on one of his boats.

"We were surprised, but we do have several things wash up over the years down there," Hines said. "We've had several small boats, some floating devices. We even had a picnic table once so it's not completely unheard of, but this is by far the biggest thing."

Strong winds possible cause

Hines said she thinks strong winds in the area may have caused the house to drift down to her area. She said it can get quite windy where she is because she lives on the widest part of the lake and there are no trees to stop the wind.

"I live in a tiny house and my tiny house was rocking all night and all this morning it was rocking back and forth," she said.

Strong winds postponed Marine Atlantic ferry crossings Sunday morning between Port aux Basques, N.L., and North Sydney, N.S.

Hines posted a picture of the house boat on social media to try and track down its owner.

Looking for owner

Several people online have suggested to Hines the house belongs to someone who lives in the Monte Vista Road area in Enfield — an area "at least a couple of kilometres" away from her home.

"That's quite a distance and quite a few shoals and points for it to be down this far," Hines said.

As of 3 p.m., the owner of the house boat has not come forward. Hines said people have tagged the person who is believed to be the owner online.

When the owner does come forward, Hines said she anticipates it will take a bit of work to remove the house.

"Right now it is stuck up on a set of rocks so it'll take some manpower to move it right now, that's for sure," she said.

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