Nova Scotia

Rain washes out Nova Scotia roads

Thursday's rain in Nova Scotia is doing more than soaking pedestrians — it's washing out roads.
The heavy rain in Nova Scotia is doing more than soaking pedestrians — it's washing out roads.
The Bedford Highway is closed between Bayview Road and Flamingo Drive. (Kyle Rogerson)

Marshalltown Road and Jordantown Road in Digby County are washed out.

In Halifax, police say the Bedford Highway closed Thursday afternoon between Bayview Road and Flamingo Drive and wasn't expected to reopen until Friday morning.

Staff Sgt. Bill Morris said Hammonds Plains Road at Bluewater Road is closed; however it hasn't stopped drivers from trying to get through.

Morris said drivers were going around barricades Thursday night and getting stuck in almost a metre of water.

In Halifax's Grand Parade, the wet weather didn't deter Occupy Halifax protesters.

The CBC's Michael Dick said there are about 30 tents still standing, but many couldn't withstand all the rain and collapsed.

RCMP advise motorists to use caution when driving.

Heavy rain increases the chances of hydroplaning, when vehicles lose traction and may lose the ability to steer or stop.