Nova Scotia

Python seized in Nova Scotia

A large python has been seized in Nova Scotia's Yarmouth County.

Animal was kept as pet, DNR says

A large python being kept as a pet has been seized in Nova Scotia.

The 5.5 metre, 68-kilogram snake was taken Monday in Yarmouth County by the Department of Natural Resources.

"DNR officers seized a reticulated python from a dwelling" where it was being kept as a pet, Bob Petrie, DNR's director of wildlife, said Tuesday.

"It is a violation of the Wildlife Act to hold wildlife in captivity without a permit, and that includes exotic wildlife," Petrie said. Charges could be laid under the act.

Petrie would not say how the snake was being kept, but added DNR officers are investigating.

DNR is holding the snake, but has not decided what will become of it.

"Our first wish would be to keep the snake alive in proper housing and approved conditions," Petrie said.

There has been a heightened awareness of snakes being kept as pets since a python killed two boys in Campbellton, N.B., two weeks ago.