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Preston Mulligan has been a reporter in the Maritimes for more than 20 years. Along with his reporting gig, he also hosts CBC Radio's Sunday phone-in show, Maritime Connection.

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Nova Scotia eyes ride sharing to ease rural transportation woes

The Nova Scotia government is hoping a modern ride-sharing program will help ease the struggle of people who have no suitable transportation in rural parts of the province.

Smoke Free Nova Scotia says vaping survey results are 'alarming'

Smoke Free Nova Scotia is calling on the provincial government to adopt stricter rules around vaping after what it calls "alarming findings" in a survey of Nova Scotia youth and young adults.

Irving Shipyard's switch to prefab pipes could impact up to 40 local jobs

Irving Shipbuilding is planning to test a new pilot project that could impact the jobs of up to 40 workers at its Dartmouth, N.S., plant.

Former N.S. paramedic convicted of sexual assault gets day parole

James Duncan Keats, a former Nova Scotia paramedic who served four years of a 6½-year prison sentence for sexual assault, has been granted day parole.

N.S. family mulls $45K offer from province for condemned home

A Nova Scotia family is unsure whether they'll accept a $45,000 offer from the province for their summer home, which has been unlivable and uninsurable since June when the steep bank in their backyard started to cave.

Group aims to boost voter turnout with mock polling station

A group in Dartmouth is trying to boost voter turnout by going back to basics. On Wednesday morning, volunteers at the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre were showing people how to vote in October's federal election.

What to know about who's responsible for branch clearing in HRM

The Halifax Regional Municipality is trying to clear up some of the confusion surrounding who's responsible for removing fallen trees, limbs and small branches.

No power and little gas, Shelburne-area residents toughed it out in Dorian's wake

All three gas stations in Shelburne weren't operating Monday morning because they had no power. It meant many people weren't able to get gas for their generators, chainsaws and vehicles.

Former cab driver Al-Rawi found not guilty of sexual assault in retrial

Former Halifax taxi driver Bassam Al-Rawi was found not guilty Wednesday of sexually assaulting a passenger. He was previously acquitted in May 2017, but the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ordered a new trial, saying the original judge made errors of law.

Demolition nears for Annapolis County cottage facing landslide risk

Municipal leaders in Annapolis County, N.S., are having a hard time finding a contractor to demolish a privately-owned summer cottage that's teetering dangerously on a cliff over the Annapolis Basin.

Halifax police charge 10 people in alleged car theft ring

Ten people from the Halifax area are facing a long list of charges after police say they busted a car theft ring and discovered 27 stolen vehicles worth about $670,000.

Woman phones number on her bank card, gets a fraudster instead

Police have arrested a man in Ontario who stole $15,000 from a Hilden, N.S., woman in an elaborate phone scam that saw the woman phone the number on her bank card and reach the scammer instead.

2 homes in peril after land shifts in Annapolis County following heavy rain

Heavy rains over the weekend in Victoria Beach, N.S., led the land to shift near a home at the side of an embankment. Now two homes in the area are evacuated.

Proposed parking rules rile Halifax's Hydrostone residents

Halifax officials are proposing rules to limit parking on eastbound one-way streets in the historic Hydrostone neighbourhood. Neighbours aren't happy.

Queens Municipality passes motion against Liverpool aquaculture project

The Region of Queens Municipality, N.S., council voted 5-3 in favour of a motion to oppose any aquaculture expansion in Liverpool Bay, but that doesn't prevent a proposed project from going ahead.