Nova Scotia

Stephen McNeil appoints Kristan Hines as new chief of staff

Kristan Hines has worked as director of strategic operations in the premier's office for the past two and a half years.

Hines previously worked as director of strategic operations in the premier's office

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil has appointed Kristan Hines as his new chief of staff effective today. 

For the past two and a half years, Hines worked as director of strategic operations in the premier's office.

She also worked as McNeil's executive assistant when he was in opposition and as director of outreach for the opposition. She co-chaired the provincial Liberal's last election campaign and co-chaired the federal Liberal's national election readiness campaign.

"Ms. Hines has shown great leadership and has an excellent grasp of the issues and challenges facing Nova Scotians," McNeil said in a press release.

"She is one of my most trusted advisors and I'm fortunate that she's accepted this position."

The premier's previous chief of staff, Kirby McVicar, resigned amid controversy after disclosing the medical information of former Liberal cabinet minister Andrew Younger. 

Today, the premier also appointed a new deputy chief of staff. Ryan Grant has been working as a senior policy advisor and strategic initiatives analyst.

"Mr. Grant has made invaluable contributions to our team with his superior knowledge of the inner workings of government and policy implementation," McNeil said in a release.


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