Nova Scotia

Port Hawkesbury mill up and running

It took a lot of negotiating but the pulp mill in Port Hawkesbury is back up and running.

After more than a year, Port Hawkesbury mill is producing paper

Workers at the newly re-opened paper mill in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia are expecting to produce the first roll of paper before Monday.

The former NewPage mill, now known as Port Hawkesbury Paper, was shut down about a year ago.

Since that time it's been a roller coaster ride for mill employees who watched the Nova Scotia government and a new company, Pacific West of Vancouver, negotiate a deal to get the plant running again.

"We've got all our systems running," said Marc Dube, an executive with Pacific West. "We're making pulp in our thermo-mechanical pulping plant. We've got the wood room running and we've got truckloads of wood being delivered."

Without a deal to revive the mill, the economy of the Strait region would have taken a devastating hit. Now with the mill slowly getting back up to full speed, it should bring some much needed economic activity back to the area.

"We're confident in most areas," said Dube. "Some of the trades, it will take a little longer, but overall we're confident this will be a good place to work and many of the people who worked here previously will want to come back."