Nova Scotia

Police charge 3 after raiding cannabis dispensaries in Sydney, N.S.

Three people in Cape Breton are facing charges after police searched four properties Friday in Sydney, N.S., seizing $20,000 in cash and $200,000 worth of marijuana and cannabis products.

Officers seized $20,000 in cash, $200,000 worth of marijuana and cannabis products

While the federal government has committed to legalizing marijuana in 2018, police in Nova Scotia periodically raid marijuana dispensaries. (CBC)

Three people in Sydney, N.S., are facing charges after police searched four properties Friday, including two they say were operating as illegal dispensaries. 

Cape Breton Regional Police seized $20,000 cash and 11.3 kilograms worth of marijuana and cannabis products, which police say is worth about $200,000. 

Officers searched two homes and one commercial property on Grand Lake Road and another business on Kings Road. The businesses were operating under the name Cape Breton Medical Cannabis.

"It remains illegal to dispense cannabis through a home or storefront operation, for medical or any other purposes," police said in a release Sunday. 

11 people arrested, 3 charged

They arrested eleven people, eight of whom were released without charges. The other three are scheduled to appear in Sydney provincial court Monday morning. 

A 38-year-old man from Sydney remains in custody and is charged with possession of a firearm, careless use of a firearm and five breaches of court-ordered conditions. 

A woman, 24, and a man, 39, are charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. 

Police say the investigation is ongoing and they expect to lay additional charges.