Pets in need enjoy big food donation from charity

The SPCA in Nova Scotia says the huge donation couldn't have come at a better time.

17,000 kilograms of pet food distributed around the province

Elizabeth Murphy, CEO of the Nova Scotia SPCA, cuddles a stray at the agency's Cape Breton shelter. (Wendy Martin/CBC)

The SPCA in Nova Scotia says a huge donation of pet food couldn't have come at a better time.

The organization received nearly 17,000 kilograms of cat and dog food this week from PetSmart Charities of Canada.

In turn, the SPCA has distributed the food to low-income pet owners and animal rescue groups.

"There were some really heartwarming stories," said Elizabeth Murphy, the CEO of the Nova Scotia SPCA, "and people were truly grateful."

The SPCA handed out many of the 17-kilogram bags on Tuesday at its shelter in Dartmouth.

The organization also dispatched several U-Hauls to communities across the province, where the pet food was handed out at shelters and halls.

Murphy said as the colder weather approaches, rescue groups in particular are in urgent need.

"This is the time when feral cats, when the winter comes, it's not as easy to forage for food, so to make sure that their colony caretakers had access to food was huge," Murphy said. "There's a lot of bellies to fill for the winter, so the timing was perfect."

This is the largest single donation ever received by the Nova Scotia SPCA.

Murphy said PetSmart Charities also delivered a large truckload of pet food a couple of weeks ago, which the SPCA is using at its own shelters.