Nova Scotia

Woman pulled dead from water near Peggys Cove

A woman is dead after being seen in the water off of Peggys Cove, N.S., on Sunday afternoon.

The woman was seen in the water and a local fishing boat went to help

The Harbour Mist, a Peggy's Cove Boat Tours vessel, brings the woman's body to shore on Sunday. (Submitted by Peter Richardson)

A woman is dead after being seen in the water off of Peggys Cove, N.S., on Sunday afternoon. 

Peter Andrews, the On-Duty Division Commander for the Halifax Fire Department, confirmed they responded to a report of a woman spotted in the water around 1:40 p.m. local time.

A local fishing boat pulled the body of the woman from the ocean and the crew attempted CPR. 

The boat transported her to the Government Wharf where emergency workers continued CPR, but the woman was pronounced dead.

Peter Richardson, owner of Peggys Cove Boat Tours, said the woman was seen on the rocks at the popular tourist destination just moments before she ended up in the water. 

"There's a couple of people here that were standing close to her, but they saw her one minute and the next minute, she was in the water," Richardson said.

He said he was in the restaurant when someone came in and said they thought there was someone in the water.

'It was too late'

"I called one of the fishermen and grabbed the life ring and got out to the water and it was too late," Richardson said. "She was already, she was face down."

Elaine White, who lives in New York, says she was at Peggys Cove with her family, having planned to spend a beautiful day visiting the site and eating lobster.

"We took a walk over to the lighthouse and we saw a lot of people going up there and I was so awfully upset when we went inside and the news announced this woman fell over and drowned, but that wasn't the first time," she said.

Last April, an Ontario man died after being swept into the Atlantic Ocean by a rogue wave while visiting Peggys Cove with his girlfriend.

In March the province announced it planned to beef up preventative safety measures at the iconic site to keep visitors away from the water's edge and lessen the risk of being swept into the ocean.

With files from Shaina Luck