Nova Scotia

Iconic Peggys Cove recreated at resort in Thailand

Peggys Cove can be found along the Nova Scotia coast. Or, alternatively, at a resort on Kung Wiman Beach in Thailand.

The resort promises 'you will experience a unique taste of the western fishermen theme'

A Thai resort recreates Peggys Cove on the other side of the world (Peggy's Cove Resort/Facebook)

Peggys Cove is a familiar sight to many, in and outside Nova Scotia. A beautiful coastline dotted with colourful homes. Wharves jutting out into the ocean and an iconic lighthouse stretching up into the sky.

Peggys Cove can be found at the edge of St. Margarets Bay.

Or, alternatively, at a resort on Chanthaburi, Kung Wiman Beach in Thailand.

This Peggys Cove-themed resort is about 225 kilometres east of Bangkok. (Fiadar Photography)


The resort promises on its website "you will experience a unique taste of the western fishermen theme with convenience of all exclusive services."

The theme resort is about 225 kilometres east of Bangkok and offers 38 rooms, each one designed as a small fishing house connected by wharves.

The rooms are even named after fish native to Nova Scotia such as "Sea Bass" and "Trout."

"Each house has different colours, however, it is perfect when it becomes together as a theme of Fishermen Village," the website says.

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      Guests can enjoy seafood at the Lighthouse Bar and Grill and if they visit the Coffee Cove cafe next door, they will see a replica of the original Peggys Cove lighthouse.

      A replica of the iconic lighthouse is behind the coffee shop. (Fiadar Photography)

      "The people in Peggy's Cove is kind of easy going, therefore, their houses have been built with comfortable style as same as their habits," the resort says.

      The rooms also have Nova Scotia appropriate names such as "Sea Bass" and "Trout." (Fiadar Photography)