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Peggys Cove captain decries 'stupidity' after visitor spotted in unsafe waters

The owner of Peggy's Cove Boat Tours captured photos of a woman standing in the water at the popular tourist destination, which is also known for its treacherous waves.

Owner of Peggy's Cove Boat Tours captured photos of woman standing in water

A woman stands in the water at Peggys Cove. (Peggy's Cove Boat Tours)

She probably just wanted to get her feet wet. But she sure did it in the wrong place.

A visitor to Peggys Cove was captured this weekend standing in water on seaweed-covered rocks at the famous Nova Scotia tourist destination.

While beloved for its lighthouse and rocky landscape, Peggys Cove is also well-known for treacherous waves that have swept unsuspecting visitors out to sea. Yellow signs warn of the danger of getting too close to the water.

The pair of photos show the woman standing at the water's edge. In the first photo, the water isn't touching her, but in the second, a wave has come in and the water has risen up to her shins.

A woman stands near the water's edge at Peggys Cove. (Peggy's Cove Boat Tours)

Another person stands on the seaweed nearby, and other tourists are watching, some likely in the danger zone themselves.

Last year, a woman from Quebec died after being washed into the water. In April 2015, 25-year-old Jamie Quattrocchi of Ontario died after he was swept into the ocean

The province added preventative measures at the site in the spring of 2016.

The photos have been shared widely on Facebook, where hundreds have made comments expressing concern for the woman and admonishing her for not heeding the warning signs at Peggys Cove.

Signs throughout the area tell visitors to keep off the black rocks because of the danger of sudden high waves and drowning.

One of many warning signs are positioned around Peggys Cove, warning visitors to stay off the wet rocks. (CBC)

Peter Richardson took the photos of the woman and posted them to his Facebook page, Peggy's Cove Boat Tours. He operates the boat tour company and is the captain of the Seadog IV.

Richardson said he shared the photos of the woman to help make people aware of the dangers.

"These people, they just don't understand," he said. "When you get down on the kelp, on the seagrass that's over the rock, that's just like standing on ice. Calm day, rough day, you shouldn't be out there.

"The rocks are black up to the high tide mark. They can be dry at low tide, and after that you get onto the seaweed and once you get past there, that's just stupidity."

Close calls

Richardson has seen his share of close calls, including another one on Monday morning.

"Another guy, taking his shoes off, and when he stepped down his feet came right out from underneath him and right in the water he went and his buddies grabbed him and pulled him out. Unbelievable."

Peter Richardson of Peggys Cove Boat Tours rescued a tourist who fell in the water two years ago.

RCMP and paramedics said they were not dispatched to any calls at Peggys Cove on Monday.

Richardson said he sees people standing on the black rocks practically every time he's on the water.

Two summers ago, Richardson helped pull a 26-year-old Ontario man to safety after he fell in the water.

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