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Pedestrian dies on Highway 101

A man was struck and killed while walking along a highway exit ramp in the Halifax area Tuesday.

Residents say off-ramp used as crosswalk

Those who live near a Highway 101 exit ramp in Lower Sackville, N.S., where a pedestrian was killed this week, say hundreds of people are using the route as a crosswalk everyday.

A 31-year-old New Brunswick man was struck and killed while walking along Exit 2 Tuesday night.

RCMP said the accident happened around 10:30 p.m. Visibility was poor at the time due to rain and a major power outage in the area.

Sheldon Hubley lives in the Sackville Manor mobile home park, directly adjacent to the Beaverbank Road exit.

Hubley said people cross the exit to get from the neighbourhood to Sackville all the time, and that even on a good night the ramp isn't very well-lit.

"Morning and night, there's always lots and lots going through here. Probably in the run of a day, there's probably 100 to 500 pedestrians that walk through here," said Hubley.

He said the park is home to about 250 trailers. Many of those who live there don't drive.

Hubley said he's surprised more pedestrians haven't been hit.

"You've got people now with their heads down, using their phones ... pedestrians and traffic are never a good mix," said Hubley.

RCMP don't expect to lay charges.