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Bell Aliant customer 'in shock' about company's change of heart

Bell Aliant has changed its mind and will now give a full refund to a Parkindale, N.B., woman who complained the company overbilled her by $3,000 but would only issue a partial credit on her account.

Company agrees to provide full refund to customer after offering partial credit for overcharging them

Ferne Perry said she's pleased she's getting a full refund. (Tanya Perry)

Bell Aliant has changed its mind and will give a full refund to a Parkindale, N.B., woman who complained the company overbilled her by about $3,100 but would only issue a partial credit on her account.

Ferne Perry approached CBC News out of frustration after she said she was told by a Bell Aliant representative that she had been overbilled $3,117.34, but would only be issued a partial credit of $816.82 on her account.

"I'm in shock," said a delighted Perry.

Bell Aliant told her under its terms of service, it only had to provide a credit going back three months, but it went back to 18 months instead.

That still meant Perry would only get back approximately one-fourth of the money.

As a means of showing she did not accept Bell's offer, Perry refused to use the credit and instead continued to pay her bill each month.

Bell Aliant removing credit, issuing cheque

Perry has home phone service with Bell Aliant, which is the only home phone provider in her rural area.

There is no cell service in the community.

Perry said she was told she'd been overcharged for the phone from the time it was installed more than six years ago when she moved from Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia, Perry had a bundle, so she was unaware of what the home phone cost should have been. She paid her bill each month, never questioning it.

Bell Aliant initially offered only a partial credit to Ferne Perry, who said she was overcharged more than $3,100 for her home phone. Now, the company is issuing a full refund. (CBC)

Bell Aliant told her because she paid the bill, she accepted the charges.

However, Bell Aliant now says it will remove the credit of $816.82 from her account and instead mail her a cheque for $3,117.34.

Before Bell Aliant agreed to the full refund, Perry said they "made a mistake and they should make it right."


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