Nova Scotia

Ont. family traumatized in N.S. road attack

A drive through rural Nova Scotia turned into a nightmare for a family from Ontario this week when their vehicle was attacked by two men in a pickup truck.

A drive through rural Nova Scotia turned into a nightmare for a family from Ontario this week.

On Monday night, a woman and two family members were driving along Highway 2 near Stewiacke when a white pickup truck pulled up alongside the vehicle and those inside started to gesture to their car.

The Ontario family pulled over, thinking there was a problem with their vehicle. When they found nothing, they started on the road again.

That's when RCMP say things got scary.

The family told police the truck sped directly at them, pulling away at the last second. The next time they crossed paths with the truck, one of its passengers hit their car with a baseball bat.

The visitors attempted to hide in a driveway, behind a hedge, but the truck slowly doubled back and found them again.

This time, both men inside got out and started pounding on their car with the bat.The family called 911 and started honking the horn. When the lights came on at a nearby house, the attackers drove off.

RCMP Sgt. Al Affleck said he's never seen an unprovoked attack like this in his 19-year career in Nova Scotia.

"I don't believe this was a case of road rage where the driver of the Subaru did anything to aggravate the other vehicle. From reviewing the statements of the witnesses, the truck in question was sitting in a driveway facing the highway and ... when they drove by this truck pulled out to follow them," said Affleck.

"I think this was a random attack, that these two guys in this truck were planning on doing. Picking the right vehicle with the right passengers, at a time when no one was around."

Affleck said the investigation continues, but police don't have a good description of the men involved. Those in the car were so traumatized they gave police just minimal descriptions. The only description of the truck is that it was an older model GM.

"We're following up with neighbourhood inquires and things like that. We're going down every avenue we can to search the neighbourhoods there for a white truck fitting that description," said Affleck.

"I'm scared to think what motivated it or why, whether these guys that were doing this were trying to get initiated into some group or something, because for them to sit on the side of the road to wait for a vehicle to come by with the sole intention of terrorizing the occupants."

His advice to any motorists who find themselves in a similar situation is to stop driving.

"The fear is that you're going to keep driving and get put off the road and roll your vehicle or crash into someone else," said Affleck.

He added however, that in this case, nothing would have stopped the attack.