Nova Scotia

Occupy Halifax protest continues

Occupy demonstrators vow to spend another day in Halifax's main downtown square.
Protesters line up for a free meal. ((Phonse Jessome/CBC))
Occupy Halifax demonstrators vow to spend another day in the city's main downtown square.

"I'll stay here as long as I need to stay here to see a difference," Kevin Holloway said early Monday.

Holloway spent the night wrapped in a sleeping bag keeping watch over the other campers. He said his job was to make sure everyone was safe.

The demonstration across from City Hall began on Saturday, one of many Occupy Canada protests held in cities across the country. Protesters have been camping out in approximately 25 tents.

The Canadian Occupy groups take inspiration from the Occupy Wall Street movement, which features demonstrations against global financial inequality and corporate greed.

Holloway said he's protesting to represent the people who struggle through life, from those who have trouble finding jobs to those who have to choose between heating their homes for a month or feeding themselves.

Approximately 25 tents were up in Grand Parade early Monday. ((Phonse Jessome/CBC))

"I feel that the more people we have here to represent us, the better," he said.

The CBC's Phonse Jessome said police were at the site by 8 a.m. Monday to monitor the situation. He said they had not been asked to remove the protesters or their tents.

About 30 police officers watched over the protest on Saturday afternoon, when an estimated 300 people gathered in the square. There were no reports of problems.

Holloway said he's ready for the cold, but hopes more demonstrators show up to keep him company while he's on watch.