Nova Scotia

NSCC students hope for Irving shipbuilding contract

Nova Scotia Community College students are keenly waiting for the $25-billion national shipbuilding procurement strategy contract announcement, which is expected next week.

Nova Scotia Community College students are keenly awaiting the announcement for the $35-billion national shipbuilding procurement strategy contract, which is expected next week.

"To think you could start and finish your career in one spot, something a lot of people don't have the opportunity to do," said first-year welding student Adam Boutlier. "With the loss of jobs, I know family members and friends who have lost jobs, never had that steady place."

Many at the school are eyeing the potential jobs if Irving Shipbuilding wins the contract to build 20 warships.

Many of these first-year welding students hope Halifax will win the contract. (CBC)
NSCC has a history of working closely with the industry.

"Industry tells us, 'This is what we're going to need for future projects' and we try to match what skills they need and the kind of output that they need," said Jim Muzzerall, academic chair of the school of Trades and Technology at NSCC.

A few years ago, the industry said it needed more skilled welders and metal fabricators.

So NSCC created a brand new welding lab and the existing metal fabrication lab is being expanded.

"For us here at the Nova Scotia Community College, that means a lot more training, a lot more output of students," Muzzerall said.

NSCC welding student Adam Boutlier says it'd be great to work one job his whole life. (CBC)
For first year student Nick MacDonald, it's a chance for job security after school and the luxury of living and working at home in the Maritimes.

"People are going to migrate here to Nova Scotia so there will be more tourists, more workers, more people," said MacDonald.

"That's what Nova Scotia needs right now is more people staying in Nova Scotia. They need this."