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Halifax mom pleads for information on son's disappearance

Devon Sinclair Marsman, 16, was last seen Feb. 21. His mother wants anyone with information on his disappearance to get in touch.

Devon Sinclair Marsman, 16, was last seen Feb. 21

Devon Sinclair Marsman, 16, was last seen Feb. 21. (CBC)

A Halifax mother is pleading for information about her missing 16-year-old son, Devon Sinclair Marsman.

"My days are numb. I go to work because I have to go to work. I don't sleep. And I don't know if he's OK or if somebody got him," Theresa Gray said.

Gray said she last saw her son on Feb. 21. She was on her way to work and he was still asleep in his bed.

"So I didn't really have a chance to have a conversation with him at all," Gray said.

She said it's not like her son to be gone this long without checking in. She said he's disappeared in the past, but only for two or three days.

"He just said that he'd be at a friend's house. And when I asked him what friend, he'd say, 'It's just a friend. I'm allowed to have friends, right?' But I'm like, 'You're allowed to call home too,'" Gray said.

Theresa Gray, Devon's mother, wants anyone with information on her son's whereabouts to get in touch. (CBC)

She said she still sends him text messages, but she can tell they're not being read. She said his phone plan is still active, but the provider told her there's been no activity. She said there also hasn't been any activity on his social media accounts.

Gray said she's also contacted his friends from around the neighbourhood, but they all say they haven't heard from him since the days before he disappeared.

Police say there is no indication to suggest Marsman met with foul play. In a news release, Halifax Regional Police described him as an African Nova Scotian youth, approximately five feet tall, 100 pounds, with blue-green eyes and short dark hair.

"I know the police are trying, but it doesn't seem like you get too much outta them because it's just like they're following leads, right? But I wish I knew what leads to follow too cause it's kinda hard just sitting home and not knowing anything," Gray said.

She and her partner have passed around missing person flyers.

"I just want people to know that he's loved and he's missed and I just want him home," she said.

With files from Preston Mulligan