Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia teachers take to Twitter to show empty classrooms

Teachers are posting selfies to show what their empty classrooms look like today after the province shut down schools to students amidst a contract dispute.

'Sad day in Nova Scotia when students are ordered not to come to class,' writes one

Nova Scotia's teachers want people to know what it's like without their students in school

5 years ago
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Nova Scotia's teachers were tweeting pictures of their empty classrooms on Dec. 5 following the government's announcement that schools would be closed to students, citing safety concerns, during contract negotiations.

Teachers from across Nova Scotia are posting selfies and photos on Twitter using the hashtag ReadytoTeach to show what their empty classrooms look like today.

Besides the images, many of the teachers are describing how it feels to not have any kids in the classrooms.

On Saturday, the government announced all public schools in Nova Scotia would close beginning today but teachers would still be expected to report to work. 

The announcement came amidst a contract dispute between the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the province's Liberal government. Talks broke off Nov. 25, and teachers had planned to start a work-to-rule job action as of today.

However the province said the work-to-rule job action would create unsafe conditions, such as insufficient supervision of students, and shut down the schools. As of Monday, it's unclear just how long it will be before students will rejoin teachers in the classroom.