Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia gas prices hit record high

Gas prices in Nova Scotia rose by over 6 cents on Friday to reach a record high.

Gas prices jumped more than 6 cents on Friday

Gas prices reached record levels in Nova Scotia on Friday. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

Nova Scotia gas prices hit a record high on Friday with the price of regular gas at the pump reaching a minimum of 152.6 cents per litre in Halifax and 154.5 cents per litre in Cape Breton, an increase of over six cents.

Other parts of the province have price minimums between 153.1 and 153.7 cents per litre.

The prices for other types of unleaded gas were even higher. 

The price for diesel rose to a minimum of 159.6 cents a litre at the pump in Halifax and 161.5 cents a litre in Cape Breton. 

A chart shows the price of regular gas in Nova Scotia over 10 years. (

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, which regulates gas prices in the province, issues minimum and maximum prices weekly in each geographic zone.

The price of gas was regulated by the province in 2006.

The gas price tracking website shows a sharp increase in gas prices since mid-2020.