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N.S. gas prices dip slightly Friday morning

Gas prices fell slightly Friday morning, but there could be a further reduction over the next few days.

Cost of fuel rose by nearly 30 cents last week, reaching record highs

Gas and diesel prices dropped slightly at midnight after several increases last week. (Robert Short/CBC)

Gas prices dropped slightly early Friday morning after reaching record highs over the last week. 

The price of regular unleaded gas in Nova Scotia ranges from 182.1 cents per litre in the Halifax area to 184 cents per litre in Cape Breton.

That's a drop of four cents per litre since the last change on Tuesday.

The price of diesel remains the same at 199.7 cents per litre in the Halifax area and 201.6 cents per litre in Cape Breton.

CBC News reporter Robert Jones, who makes gas price predictions for the network, said Thursday he expected the cost of gas to go down by at least 10 cents per litre and that diesel could dip by 20 cents.

However, Jones said the decrease may not come all at once and could be rolled out over a day or two.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board increased fuel prices three times in a week, pushing costs up by about 30 cents per litre.

Province considering help

Nova Scotia Finance Minister Allan MacMaster said his government is considering measures to help people.

"We want to target those most in need," MacMaster told reporters Thursday.

He said the government wants to use existing programs to help Nova Scotians as fast as possible.

"We're trying to think about how people are most affected, and I think about food and fuel."

NDP Leader Gary Burrill said there are several things the province can do to assist.

"In particular, I think they need to revisit the home heating rebate program," Burrill said in an interview.

"I think the government needs to be looking at this particular moment, with such a dramatic increase in the cost of living, at a whole host of things."

Burrill said the province should make rent control permanent, extend the so-called renoviction ban and extend the program for paid sick days. 

Some Nova Scotians are feeling the pinch of higher gas prices. (Robert Short/CBC)

Emma MacDonald filled her tank on Thursday. She said she's picking up more shifts at work.

"I think it's ridiculous, it's really high, it's really expensive," she said.

Kenny Brown drives a service truck. He said gas prices are "just totally outrageous."

"Now we gotta pay more for gas and we're going to have to start charging more for services.… It's as simple as that," he said.

With files from Michael Gorman and Preston Mulligan