Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia gas prices drop another 8 cents

Gas prices in Nova Scotia plunged for the fourth time in two weeks early Friday, dropping by nearly eight cents across the province.

People in Halifax can expect to pay 71.6 cents a litre at the pumps

Gas prices dropped by about eight cents a litre across the province. (Blair Rhodes/CBC)

Nova Scotia's gas regulator dropped gas prices again by nearly eight cents this week, hitting its lowest price since January 2009.

This is the fourth big price drop in just two weeks. Before January 2009, prices hadn't been so low since May 2003.

In Halifax, the minimum price of regular self-serve gas fell to 71.6 cents a litre, dropping from 79.4 cents a litre.

People in Lunenburg County, Kings County, and part of Annapolis County, can expect to pay 72.2 cents a litre, down from 80 cents a litre.

Yarmouth County, Shelburne County, Digby County, Queens County and part of Annapolis County will now pay 72.7 cents a litre instead of 80.5  cents.

Prices in Cumberland County, Guysborough County, Pictou County, Colchester County and Antigonish County dropped from 80.6 cents a litre to 72.8 cents.

The new price in Cape Breton is 73.6 cents a litre, down from 81.4 cents a litre.

Gas prices in Nova Scotia have dropped significantly in the last two weeks. Prices normally change first thing Friday, but on March 11 and March 17, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board used an interrupter mechanism to change the prices.

Tuesday's change was necessary "due to significant shifts in the market prices of gasoline," according to a news release from the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

Oil prices have plummeted globally, triggered by an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and fears the spread of COVID-19 could lead to a global recession.