Nova Scotia

Liberal tide sweeps Nova Scotia in 2015 federal election

A red tide swept across Nova Scotia Monday, as voters handed all 11 seats to the Liberal Party.

Liberal Party wins every seat in Atlantic Canada

Liberal Sean Fraser took Central Nova, Peter MacKay's old riding, from the Conservatives in Monday night's election. (CBC)

A red tide swept across Nova Scotia Monday, as voters handed all 11 seats to the Liberal Party. 

It was part of a complete Atlantic Canada win for the party, as they took all 33 seats in the region.

"It's a pretty surreal evening as you can well imagine," Darren Fisher said after winning his Dartmouth-Cole Harbour seat.

"I saw a lot of success for the Liberal platform and I saw a lot of success in Atlantic Canada. I certainly didn't see this coming. It's a clear message. The people at the doors told us they were looking for change."

New Democratic candidate Peter Stoffer lost the Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook seat to Liberal Darrell Samson. In Halifax, Liberal Andy Fillmore beat NDP Megan Leslie.

"I think they've taught this city that hard work works," Fillmore said. "With hard work and a new vision for this city, we did it."

In the two Cape Breton ridings — Cape Breton-Canso and Sydney-Victoria — Liberals Rodger Cuzner and Mark Eyking kept their respective seats.

"It's not just about me and my party locally, it's about the country. I just feel so good about this win because it's a win for our country," said Eyking. 

Cuzner said the changes to employment insurance drove his supporters to the ballot box. 

"I heard that over and over again, you know, the changes to EI where people within seasonal industries were being spooked out of those industries," he said.

In Cumberland-Colchester, Liberal Bill Casey won the seat from the Conservatives.

"The message could be — it could be anything you want," Casey told CBC News. "It can be, 'We want veterans looked after, we want the environment looked after, we want the economy looked after.'"

Going down to defeat is Conservative Scott Armstrong, a school principal who was once Casey's campaign manager. He won the seat in a 2009 byelection.

Geoff Regan held his seat in Halifax West for the Liberals.

Scott Brison held his Kings-Hants seat for the Liberals. Liberal Sean Fraser won Central Nova, Conservative Peter MacKay's former riding. In South Shore-St. Margarets, Liberal Bernadette Jordan won her seat. 

Fisher won Dartmouth-Cole Harbour for the Liberals, a seat the NDP won in 2011. In West Nova, Colin Fraser won for the Liberals.

In the 2011 election, Nova Scotia sent four Conservatives, four Liberals and three New Democrats to Ottawa as members of Parliament. In 2015, many of the ridings are tightly contested. 

Nova Scotia turned Liberal red from Yarmouth to Cape Breton. All 11 seats went to Justin Trudeau's party. (CBC)