Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia budget 2016 highlights: Where is the money going?

Here's a look at how Nova Scotia’s budget could affect you.

Here's a look at how Nova Scotia's budget could affect you

The only tax increase in the budget — a small hike on tobacco — accounts for most of the surplus in the Nova Scotia government's latest budget. (Robert Short/CBC)

Here are some highlights from Nova Scotia's 2016 budget:

  • $6 million will be spent on bringing high-speed internet to rural communities across the province.
  • $10 million investment this year to the film and television industry.
  • $3.5 million for wineries and vineyards: focused on research, marketing and other support.
  • $10.2 million for ferry running from Yarmouth to Portland.

If you're a student or a new grad

  • The government will spend $3.2 million on 150 summer jobs for students and 75 public sector placements.
  • 600 co-op positions will come from partnerships with employers province-wide.

If you're a parent

  • $6.4 million more to be spent on reducing class sizes for students up to Grade 6.
  • $6.6 million more for childcare services, including an unspecified wage increase for workers.
  • $5.4 million will go to Community Services for children, youth, and family support.
  • $3.6 million earmarked for helping preschool children with autism prepare for school.

If you're a senior

  • $14.4 million for home support, nursing, caregiver benefit and wheelchair programs.
  • $3 million to help seniors with Pharmacare costs.

Other highlights

  • People on social assistance will receive up to $20 more per month, starting at the end of May.
  • A new tax credit will go to farmers who donate produce to local food banks.
  • $9.9 million for more support for people with disabilities, $3 million of which to increased assistance for transition between facility and community care.
  • Bulk of $3.7 million will be spent on designs to replace aging Victoria General Hospital.
  • The only tax increase in the budget is on tobacco. Tax increase of 50 cents on a pack of cigarettes, along with a small hike on cigars, is expected to bring $15.8 million.